Looking for a candle factory or a reliable handmade candle supplier in Dublin, Ireland? Dublin has a large variety of places to buy christening or wedding candles etc., but why wouldn’t you shop online?

Where to buy candles in Dublin?

Walking into a candle store, all you want to do is smell them. But in the age of COVID-19- that’s no longer healthy or acceptable. On the other hand, some people who had the virus early on still haven’t regained the ability to smell. That’s disappointing. 

Retail businesses in Dublin, Ireland, and around the world over are being affected by COVID-19 through everything from rapidly changing customer behavior to supply issues. All non-essential contacts should be avoided as much as possible, so in many counties, all non-essential shops and retail outlets have been closed in the meantime.

Why buy candles online even from Dublin?

Although there’s still a lot of distrust towards online purchases, at least in our country, they are, in most cases, paradoxically safer than those made in physical stores. We assume scammers have been around since long before the Internet was invented, but having said that, buying from online sites is safer and more reliable because e-commerce shops are forced by law to use certificates and security protocols that physical stores don’t have to.

Our popular Athenry  Candle webshop will remain open, where you can order candle packages online even from Dublin.

Find personalised candles online

Please browse through our online candle catalog to view all our designs. If you have an idea of your own, that you would like to make a reality, please feel free to contact us and we will do our utmost to accommodate you.

Our Personalised Candles are 100% Hand-Finished and Hand-Decorated. We don’t use any stickers or plastic wraps that could peel off after some time.

We incorporate all the images and text details into the candle’s wax, giving the candle a smooth satin-like finish. Our special coating process will ensure your candle lasts a lifetime!